Like, extraversion could have been linked to better sexual promiscuity , including that have a whole lot more one to-night stands

Training step 1 and you will dos was in fact arranged to replicate and extend previous research on grandiose narcissism and you can mate poaching from the investigating when the grandiose narcissism predicted thinking-reported companion poaching. But not, due to the fact grandiose narcissists seems sociable and you will pleasant , it will be possible you to definitely the personal charm are accused inside the spouse poaching rather than grandiose narcissism by itself. For this reason, we manage into Big Four character facts because they’re about peoples sexual behavior . Handling for Large Four identity are carried out in singular study exploring grandiose narcissism and you will self-accounts from spouse poaching, and that research examined short-title poaches simply . Therefore, all of our studies increase browse toward grandiose narcissism and you can worry about-reported lover poaching from the such as the Big Five identity variables and you can as well as examining poaching into much time-name (Degree 1 and you can dos) and a unique, personal relationship (Analysis 2).

Knowledge step 3 and you will 4 experimentally investigated if the grandiose narcissists said significantly more interest in aim no dating links otherwise goals who are already in a relationship. Those people who are currently within the relationship can be considered more suitable, attracting grandiose narcissists. You are able you to definitely grandiose narcissists simply ignore others’ relationship statuses and you will realize the individual they look for become popular and you can probably accessible to him or her.

Because the the common impact proportions during the identity and you may public therapy are r = .20, , i aimed having no less than 2 hundred professionals during the for each and every analysis to track down adequate power (? .80). Additionally, procedure and research for everyone knowledge can be found in extra materials organized on Open Technology Structure (OSF):

Investigation step 1

We looked at the new the total amount that grandiose narcissism is on the partner poaching if you are controlling having Larger Four variables. I used the Unknown Close Attraction Survey of seminal browse to your lover poaching. That it survey assesses spouse poaching to own brief-title intimate flings as well as much time-label intimate activities. Latest lookup concerned about short-title lover poaching keeps presented a connection between grandiose narcissism and you can short-name companion poaching . We sought for to reproduce and offer these types of conclusions because of the exploring the connection ranging from grandiose narcissism and you may companion poaching for very long-title sexual circumstances also; it will be possible grandiose narcissists report much time-term circumstances as a way off indicating the ability to get a pal away from anybody else.


Two-hundred forty-seven students (111 men, dating sites for Travel people 133 women, and three who did not identify their sex) were recruited from Introductory Psychology courses in exchange for partial course credit (MAges = , SD = 3.66). 87% of the sample self-identified as Caucasian. 95.9% of these participants self-identified as heterosexual, 1.6% as gay, 2.4% as bisexual, and 0.8% did not indicate their sexual orientation.

Measures and you may processes

Users reported to help you a report laboratory and first accomplished authored advised agree. They then completed several questionnaires into a pc you to definitely assess character and you can knowledge which have partner poaching.

Grandiose narcissism.

Grandiose narcissism are assessed utilising the Narcissistic Identification List (NPI) , that’s good forty-product, forced-solutions level. Affairs towards the NPI contain sets of comments (elizabeth.grams., “I’m zero best if any worse than just most people;” “I think I’m a separate people”). A get of 0 belongs to the fresh new low-narcissistic effect and you can a get of 1 is assigned to the brand new narcissistic response. Results along side 40 goods are summed with the intention that high ratings depict high amounts of trait narcissism (Into the present decide to try, ? = .84, Yards = , SD = six.92).

Big five identity.

The big Four List (BFI) include 49 points that’s commonly used determine neuroticism (elizabeth.grams., “I look for myself because the a person who worries much;” ? = .78; Yards = dos.97, SD = 0.78), extraversion (age.grams., “I look for me given that a person who was talkative;” ? = .83; Yards = step 3.forty-two, SD = 0.74), transparency to tackle (e.g., “We select me personally as the a person who was interested in learning many different things;” ? = .72; Meters = step 3.57, SD = 0.58), conscientiousness (age.grams., “I get a hold of me personally due to the fact an individual who do a comprehensive work;” ? = .77; Yards = step three.61, SD = 0.60), and you may agreeableness (age.g., “We find myself while the a person who is actually considerate and kind in order to just about everyone;” ? = .72; M = step three.77, SD = 0.55) using 5-section scales, in a way that 1 = differ strongly and 5 = consent firmly. Score try computed from the summing what exactly for each subscale; large ratings represent higher quantities of for every single personality characteristic.

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