The guy accuses Gabi of seducing Stefan to own revenge, however, Gabi states she enjoyed Stefan

Stefano cards that there’s no love shed here, and Gabi says she detests her and you can blames their getting Stefan’s demise

Stefano visited pick Justin, whom got him and you may required understand in which Kayla is. He checks Steve’s vision and begged him, however, Stefano’s reminded him who he had been talking-to and you will needed Juston assist him wade. Stefano hoping Justin that Kayla was unscathed and told you he previously zero plans to damage the woman since the she try significantly more advantageous to him. The guy shown the lady proof of Kayla holding a papers toward newest go out. Justin requested just what Stefano wished and he told you he wanted 10 billion cash. Justin said Victor would never render one of his true poor opposition money, but Stefano said he would exercise for Justin given that Justin wants Kayla. Stefano assured however fall off that have Steve’s body, therefore he and you will Kayla shall be with her.

Stefano then visited the latest residence in which he drugged Chad’s drink. He then kept the fresh Phoenix Ring-in a package with some cards getting Chad to learn. He hid and you can listened just like the Chad put their old portrait back into the wall structure and you will pondered aloud to it why Stefano won’t turn himself during the. When Chad kept the bedroom, Stefano emerged away from their concealing put and you will said he isn’t in a position to give up not when he is almost bringing that which you the guy wants. Stefano continues to mask and you can spy for the Chad before the next time as he appeared vanilla umbrella prijzen happy to show himself, however, Gabi happens in which she and Chad argue.

Immediately after Chad renders, Stefano is provided and you will confronts Gabi. He comments this lady on her behalf suggestion in order to enhancement an exploding pacemaker inside Julie and you may informs this lady the guy once had Rolf place good chip in Vivian’s tooth to handle this lady. Gabi states the guy need to have thrown off a cliff. Stefano laments he regrets he never ever got to know his child, however, says the guy prefers to get excited and keep his eyes to the prize.

Gabi suggested they could team up, but Stefano denied, saying she possess fooled Stefan, however your. Stefano won’t allow her to work with DiMera and you may Gabi says you to definitely Chad are weak, which Kristen wasn’t really their daughter, hence this woman is in love. Stefano snaps at the their to own insulting his students and states she ily, however, the guy won’t let her obtain the mansion or his providers. Gabi nervously stammers you to Stefano is an essence and you can declines so you’re able to back. Stefano informs the woman to not ever get across him if the she does not want is reunited which have Stefan forever, immediately after which will leave.

Then he discusses Andre becoming gone, with his tumultuous connection with him, saying it constantly agreed one family relations try what is very important

Stefano dates back observe Justin, just who informs your he got the brand new 10 million. Stefano says the guy requires him to do yet another thing and you will means Marlena in exchange for Kayla. Justin are mad with Stefano, but the guy claims those people was their conditions. Stefano makes and you can yields towards facility just after a while so you can avoid Kayla out-of escaping. Rolf protects Kayla, and you can she and Stefano argue regarding their so-called fascination with Marlena, which Kayla thinks try ill and phone calls obsession. Kayla claims Marlena cannot like Stefano and you may Rolf suggests he could tailor Marlena’s mind and make the girl fall in love with Stefano easier.

Justin and you can Marlena showed up within factory into button, but already been stalling whilst is actually a trap for Stefano. Stefano got impatient and you may kept a knife so you’re able to Kayla’s throat. Then pressed their up from the gun section, And you may requires Marlena once again. Whenever you are all this is going on, Chad reads this new mention Stefano left to possess your, and this covers how the loss of some of his people features coached Stefano one to his youngsters are tomorrow. Chad was then brainwashed are Stefano’s devoted slave and read their father’s voice in the direct.

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